Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The coward in Aurora CO

July 24, 2012 Arlington VA

It turns out that the killer of innocent people in the theatre in Aurora, CO, had his apartment well-booby trapped to injure those who would eventually enter it. His wiring was complex, and designed to inflict major damage on whoever entered.  When I wrote Night Chill, one of the scenes in the book was a man in Baton Rouge, LA who had similar wiring in his house designed to do much the same.  That book was written nearly a year ago, long before the Aurora incident. I pointed out then, and continue to do so, that we have to take both the domestic and foreign terrorists as asynchronous thinkers, and actors.  We cannot apply traditional thoughts and practices to their actions.  We get people killed that way.

I applaud the local and federal officers that worked through the apartment and dismantled the explosives and other traps for their efforts without losing more lives in the effort.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Night Chill places 8th in Amazon Kindle's Top 100 for Fiction-Suspense

July 17, 2012 Arlington VA.

Night Chill, the latest Minihan Series Novel by John Tieso is currently in 8th place in the Amazon Kindle Top 100 in the Fiction-Suspense category.  This volume, the third in the series, is set in New Orleans, LA -- The Big Easy -- and involves the mystery surrounding a mega-tanker carrying Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) toward the Mississippi River Delta.

"We are particularly pleased that this volume has been so well received by the public," said John Tieso, when the announcement was made over the Internet. "This has been a great month for us, with both Minihan's Dillemma, the first volume, and For the Sake of Terror, the second volume, also doing well in the charts."  For the sake of Terror is 28th in Fiction-Adventure this week as well, and Minihan's Dilemma was well up in the Top 100 last week, and continues to sell well."

All three volumes are available on Amazon as both paperbacks and Kindle versions, and the books are also available through most major booksellers.

"People love a good story, with good dialogue, and a sense of the unknown.  We provide all that in the Minihan series and even more through the twists and turns that are so reflective of terrorism. Even if you are not a die-hard suspense or action fan, sometimes you just want a book for a good read.  Try these," said Tieso in a recent interview.

John Tieso lives and works in Arlington, Virginia, and is available for book signings as well as speaking engagements.  He can be reached at johnt@john-tieso.com.